As amended August 26, 2012

ARTICLE I. Name, purpose, and emblem

The name of this chapter shall be the Orlando Area Chapter. The Purpose of this chapter shall be to promote a closer relationship among owners of Studebaker and related automobiles in the mid-Florida area; to promote expansion of membership; to encourage the acquisition, preservation, and the use of Studebaker and related vehicles; to provide and regulate social events, tours and exhibitions and to own real and/or personal property incident to such purposes including a periodic publication, Greasy Prints, which shall be the official publication of this chapter.

ARTICLE II. Membership -Dues

Membership in the Orlando Area Chapter (OAC) shall be open to anyone who has qualified for membership in the Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc. (SDC), according to the provisions of Article II of its bylaws. Any OAC member who for any reason loses his/her membership in SDC, will immediately lose membership in OAC as well. Upon re-establishing membership in SDC, the OAC membership will also be re-established at no additional dues if the event occurs before the next OAC renewal period. In the case of members residing in the same household, who hold joint membership in SDC, only one set of dues need be paid, and only one copy of any OAC publications will be sent to the household. Upon payment of dues, any person meeting the forgoing qualifications shall be an Orlando Area Chapter member in good standing till the following October 1st, and shall remain a member so long as dues are not more than 30 days in arrears.

ACTIVE MEMBER -A person as qualified above, with all rights and privileges extended including the right to vote and hold office.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER The spouse of an Active Member is not required to pay separate chapter dues but has all rights and privileges of membership including the right to vote and the right to hold office.

HONORARY MEMBER -Any person who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, has made an outstanding contribution to this chapter. Honorary members shall be exempt from paying OAC dues. Such members will be continued on a yearly basis at the pleasure of the Board, and will not have a vote in Chapter affairs or hold office.

DUES for Active membership shall be $10.00 per year or as revised by a vote of the Board. Any changes in dues shall be made by the OAC Board of Directors and must be ratified by a majority of the Board.

EXPULSION can occur only after charges are submitted to the Board of Directors, in writing, notice of such charges are sent to the charged member by certified mail, and the charged member is given 30 days to respond to such charges. Expulsion is a power reserved to the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE III. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by a simple majority of the ballots cast.

The Board of Directors shall consist of seven elected officers. The elected officers shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Director, Activities Director, and Editor. At the pleasure of the Board of Directors, some offices may be combined with a single member serving in a dual capacity. The Board may appoint members to fill any vacant positions.

The Board of Directors can authorize single expenditures up to, but not to exceed, $50.00 without approval from the membership.

ARTICLE IV. Duties of Chapter Officers.

PRESIDENT shall preside at all meetings. He shall appoint at his discretion assistants to other officers from either the Board of Directors or the general membership. He shall have the power to decide all questions of equal division as well as the powers usually vested in the top administrative office, including but not limited to National club liaison and inter-chapter relations.

VICE PRESIDENT shall assist the President at all meetings and shall have the full powers of the President during the President's absence. He shall, in the absence of the President, serve in his place.

SECRETARY shall record the minutes of the Board of Directors and general membership meetings. He shall prepare a copy of the minutes and forward it to the Editor for inclusion in the chapter publication. Official Chapter correspondence shall be drafted by the appropriate party and approved by the board. The Secretary will then prepare the material and mail it accordingly. It is not the duty of the Secretary to draft official Chapter correspondence.

TREASURER shall collect and disburse funds of the chapter, maintain financial and other historical files of the chapter, and render the annual financial report at the membership meeting and whenever the Board may require.

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR shall accomplish the annual mailing of membership renewal notices or include the notice in the chapter publication. He shall be responsible for maintaining current membership lists and shall have primary responsibility for the preparation of an annual membership roster. Seeking new members is not the duty of the Membership Director. That function is the responsibility of all members.

ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR shall plan and arrange suitable meets and activities for the chapter, and shall arrange for a schedule of activities to be placed in the chapter publication so that adequate notice is given to the general membership. He shall also serve as marshal in all judging contests sponsored by the chapter, being in charge of judging, awards, and judging criteria. He shall also serve as host or master of ceremonies for any parties, banquets or special events. The Activities Director shall be the chapter's point of contact.

EDITOR shall be responsible for editing and publishing the official publication of the chapter. He shall accomplish the mailing of this and other publications provided to chapter members on a regular basis, including the membership roster. It is not the Editor's duty to write articles for the newsletter, although he may choose to do so on a limited basis.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETINGS shall be held as needed. Meetings of the Board may be called by a majority of the members, or by the President, on adequate notice to the other Board members. If any elected officer misses three consecutive meetings, that office can be declared vacant at the discretion of the presiding officer.

VACANCIES on the Board that occur for any reason shall be filled by the Board at its next regular meeting.

ORDER OF BUSINESS shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, provided they are applicable and provided that they do not conflict with these by-laws or those of SDC. The Presiding Officer shall reserve the right to conduct the meeting on a less formal basis if, in his judgment, the affairs of the chapter can still be accomplished.

ARTICLE V. Newsletter

All members are encouraged to submit items for inclusion in the newsletter. Ads for Studebaker related items are free to members. Ads for any Studebaker will also be printed free of charge regardless of membership. All ads will appear based on a space available basis. The Editor reserves the right to modify, discontinue, or omit any item submitted.


Administration of the chapter will conform to the provisions of the By-laws of SDC, Inc., which take precedence in the event of any conflict; and the officers of the chapter will abide by the decisions of the Board of SDC, Inc. The chapter assumes all responsibility, financial and otherwise, for any activities it conducts.

Any applications or dues received by the chapter for SDC, Inc., will be promptly forwarded.


Voting on all chapter matters, including election of officers, is restricted to Active and Associate Members only.

Nominations for Officers will be published in the November December Issue of Greasy Prints.

Ballots will be sent to the membership after the first of the year and must be returned to either the Club Secretary or the Appointed Teller in the appropriate manner as specified on the ballot.

All returned ballots will be checked for current membership status and a proper legible signature. Incomplete or unsigned ballots will not be counted.

Ballots will be kept for a period of one year

Votes may be cast in person, or in writing. If written votes are cast, the member's signature must be affixed to the vote form.

ARTICLE VIII. Amendments

These by-laws can be amended by a vote of 25% of the qualified voting membership of the chapter. A non response will be considered as a vote in favor of amendment.